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Music Ministry

Music Ministry

It is a privilege to serve God! In Hebrew worship and throughout church history, musicians have been important factors in group worship and in the proclamation of the gospel. The music ministry today is vitally important to the work of the church.


To glorify Jesus Christ by allowing Him to use this music ministry as a tool by working through each individual member to:

  • Prepare the hearts of the congregation for the preaching of the Word of God.
  • Bless the members of the congregation and members of the choir alike through the singing of psalms, hymn and spiritual songs.
  • Lead the congregation in singing.
  • Be an example to the other members of the church by the testimony of their lives.
  • Assist in the spiritual and musical development of the participants as they learn the practical application of Bible truths.
  • Provide an avenue of service to the members of the church where they can have an active outflowing of their Christian lives.


The Faith Baptist Church adult choir is a volunteer choir. Each choir member has by his or her choice “volunteered” to give of what talent he or she may have to the service of the Lord and also to the church and as a testimony to the congregation of a life that has been totally “volunteered” to Christ for Him to use as He leads. Each member must realize that the greatest blessing from the music ministry comes to individuals who participate. Thus as they allow the Lord to use whatever talent He has given them to learn and apply Bible principles and doctrine through rehearsals and performance. The proper attitude of each member is that they need the ministry of the choir in their life more than the choir needs their individual talent.