Welcome to Faith Baptist Church!

Church Cleanup Schedules

August 6-12:   Herbster, Plummer

August 13-19:   Byford, Bard

August 20-26:   Zastrow, John

August 27 – September 2:   Smith

September 3-9:   Miller, Wilson

September 10-16:   Herbster, Plummer

September 17-23:   Byford, Bard

September 24-30:   Zastrow, John

October 1-7:   Smith

October 8-14:   Miller, Wilson

We greatly appreciate each one of you for your hard work in helping keep God’s house clean!

Please remember to initial or check off the areas you clean.

Please switch with another family if you are unable to clean on your assigned date. Please make changes to cleaning list on office bulletin board. Thank you!