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Don’t Stop Working

27 October 2021

Topic: Faith

Book: 2 Kings

Scripture: 2 Kings 13:14-19

Don’t Stop Working

 1. The History of Joash (Jehoash)

– King of Israel for 16 years

– The son of King Jehoahaz

– Mostly remembered for the evil he did:

*2 Kings 13:11

* He continued the worship of idols

* He attacked Judah and stole treasure form the Temple

2. The Snap Shot of Joash

– Joash goes to see Elisha

– The Spiritual Sign

– The test of faith

3. The Lesson of Joash

– God promises Spiritual victory

– We can limit God’s working by our lack of faith

 4. Keep Working in Faith

– Renew your dependence in the Lord

– Always abound