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Final Issues When Someone Accepts Jesus Christ

5 May 2024

Book: John, Matthew

Final Issues When Someone Accepts Jesus Christ (John 6:47)

I. Give Biblical Assurance

A. Read John 6:47

1. Who said this? Answer: Jesus Christ (John 6:43)

2. What did He promise? Answer: Everlasting Life

3. On what condition? Answer: Believing on Jesus

B. Have you put your trust in Him and what He sis for you?

C. Now if you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?

D. If you die five years from now, where would you go?

E. If you had died yesterday (before you made this decision), where would you have gone?

 II. Issues to bring up before you leave:

A. Leave your name and number so that the new convert can contact you if any questions arise. Get his phone number so you can contact him to encourage him.

B. Quickly give some hints on beginning the Christian life:

1. Bible Study – God talks to you.

2. Prayer – you talk to God.

3. Church = Fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

4. Witness – sharing the decision to accept Christ.

C. Encourage the convert to make his decision public.

1. At church – Matthew 10:32-33

2. In baptism – Matthew 28:19-20

D. Encourage the convert to take our next Foundations for Christian Growth class.